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30 ml Elephant Strength Gin
20 ml Cocchi Americano
10 ml Dry curaçao
5 ml Ardberg 10
Drop of oyster brine or sea salt solution

Stir and strain into a martini glass, garnish with dried sea weed and rose candy.

Created by @MiranKChauhan - Edinburgh, UK
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altre volte il rosato si può ottenere per #assemblaggio, unendo cioè alla base bianca del #vinorosso per arrivare alla colorazione rosa
Vineria Wine Note, castello di Pilato, Nus.
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Pictured is Negroni Natale, this version of a classic Negroni uses one of the finest Cocchi Barolo Chinato wines to give it a robust mouth-filling and extra dimension of flavours... SALUTE!
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In steps our Aperitivo menu. 4 drinks lower in alcohol, but massive in flavour.
This little number is the 12 O’Clock Somewhere. Ginger Beer and Lime with our House-Made Spent Coffee Cocchi Americano.
What’s that you ask? Cocchi Americans is a wonderful a-typical Italian vermouth with flavours of chamomile and sweet orange. Spent coffee is those pucks of compressed ground coffee you see being knocked out of espresso machines. After we’ve used the grains once and they’ve been blanched with boiling water we infuse them in to the Cocchi. It yields a subtle, nutty and slightly acidic coffee flavour.
Low alcohol, waste reducing, super delicious.
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  • Alta Langa Pas Dosè is a winner.
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What happens when you are given a bottle of Cocchi Rosa? You make a Rosa Dorato(golden pink) 💗🎖
In Asti, a the small town in north-west Italy, not far from Torino, Giulio Cocchi in 1891 started making sparkling wine and distilling, creating original recipes of aromarised wine for his Vermouth and Americano. Today, the winery still follows Giulio's recipes to craft the distinctive wines that have made Cocchi a cult name.

Cocchi Rosa is an aromatised wine and has been produced to its original recipe since 1891. The sweet red wine is balanced with bitter herbs, fruit and spices, most notably gentian flowers from the Alps, as well as cinchona and citrus fruits. Cocchi Rosa is made with no colouring. The beautiful pink shade is the natural colour of the red wine.

Rosa Dorato 💗🎖
30ml Cocchi Rosa @giuliococchi
30ml Sherlock & Son's Solstice @distillersofsurrey
30ml Fresh Pink Grapefruit juice
15ml St Germain @stgermainuk

In a mixing glass add all the ingredients, followed by plenty of ice and stir stir stir. Strain into a rocks glass filled with some ice and top up with @FeverTreemixers Tonic water. Garnish with grapefruit peel. Enjoy it responsibly ✌
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• 1.5oz cask strength rye whiskey (@calidistillery Riptide Rye)
• .75oz Zucca Amaro
• .75oz Cocchi Dopo Teatro vermouth amaro

Stir all ingredients with ice, then strain into a glass over a fresh cube. Add a lemon twist.
So bitter, warm, and delicious. Although this drink is inspired by the classic Boulevardier template, flavor-wise it is oh so different. Originally popularized in 1800s French literature, a "Boulevardier" is a name for the urban explorer, the curious citizen of the city seemingly wandering without aim, yet actually full of mindful observation.

On that note, since I'm using a few lesser-known ingredients, let's satiate any curiosity with a run-down:

Cali Riptide Rye: This cask-strength (59%) whiskey is absolutely wonderful for cocktails and delivers a firm peppery punch that definitely won't get lost or overwhelmed by other flavors.

Zucca Amaro: I don't hear Zucca mentioned enough! It's a deeply bitter Chinese rhubarb root-based amaro that is very unique and unlike any other amaro I have (note that Chinese rhubarb is different from the garden rhubarb we put in pies; it has a history of medicinal use). IMO it's one of the most bitter and intense amaro I own, and one without any alpine or minty flavors common in other more intense amaro. This bottle is actually the "old" Zucca which is half the proof (16%) of the new one sold these days. If you have the new one, feel free to sub, but consider lowering the quantity to maybe just under half an ounce.

Cocchi Dopo Teatro: I'd say this one is a variation of the original Cocchi Vermouth di Torino. It's named for the northern Italian tradition of sipping on a glass of vermouth in the evening after a theatre show (dopo teatro = after theatre). It has a different botanical profile more focused on bittering ingredients, but overall in my opinion is still more-or-less a sweet vermouth similar enough to the original Cocchi vermouth.
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