Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry

Cocchi Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry, released on the year of Cocchi’s 130th anniversary, is a classic-style vermouth from the birthplace of vermouth, Piemonte.

“Ricetta Piemontese”(Piedmontese recipe), stated on the label, is a very precise indication of the content: all the relevant ingredients for this vermouth come from Piemonte and have a strong bond with our region.
The wine used for this vermouth is Cortese, the same grape used for Gavi DOCG.
The Artemisia Absinthium, is 100% from Piemonte mountains.
The aromatic profile is characterized by Menta di Pancalieri, a local variety of peppermint, and lemon, traditionally used to garnish vermouth in our region.

The Cocchi Extra Dry proudly carries the “Vermouth di Torino” appellation.

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The wine at its hearth comes from local Cortese grapes (same grape used for Gavi DOCG), which is then married with lemon peels and Piedmontese mint as well as botanicals such as wormwood, angelica, coriander and cardamom for a fragrant and perfectly balanced character.


Cocchi Extra Dry is an extremely elegant stand-alone vermouth with fresh apple, melon and white flower notes from the wine, beautifully balance with the aromatic botanical notes of cardamom, wormwood, coriander and angelica. The Piedmontese mint and lemon peels bring herbaceous notes and brightness to the palate, creating a unique personality.


Cocchi Extra Dry was developed to enrich, with its inimitable character, classic cocktails such as the Martini or the Bamboo (40ml Cocchi Extra Dry stirred with 40ml Dry sherry, garnished with lime zest or basil leaf), but it also shines when served with tonic water (elderflower tonic is our preferred choice), soda water or sipped over ice.

Technical data

17% ABV
50cl bottle
Ingredients: wine, sugar, alcohol, infusion of aromatic herbs and spices.
Suggested serving temperature: 8-10°C

Close the bottle with its cork after opening.
Once opened keep cool and consume preferably within a month.


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