Alta Langa DOCG
Brut Millésimé

Made of 100% Pinot Noir, it retains a spectacular pink color but is an Alta Langa with a a strong temperament. Its spicy nature, which accentuates over time, makes it ideally a great Brut gourmet, to be enjoyed throughout the meal.
Cocchi was the first winery to conceive and make a rosé Alta Langa.


100% Pinot Noir
Grapes are hand-picked in small baskets.


RÖSA Alta Langa is a rosé de saignée, meaning that it is made from Pinot Noir grapes only, without blending with Chardonnay. The grapes, well ripe, are pressed without stalks and the anthocyanins of the skin gently shade in pink the must.
After the first fermentation, which takes place in steel vats, the wine is left to settle on fine lees until it is bottled, in spring. Foaming takes place in piled bottles and ends after about 36 months, shaping the complexity and strong temperament of Alta Langa RÖSA.
The remuage is done by hand on wooden A-shaped racks (the pupitres) and is followed by frozen disgorgement (dégorgement à la glace).


Fresh and tasty, RÖSA is a Brut with a low sugar dosage (never more than 8 grams per liter) which makes it rigorous and fascinating, decidedly dry.
Its spicy style increases with the age. Its volume, along with a good balance of the matter, translates into a product with an intensely fruity flavor and a strong temperament.