Cocchi Dry Vermouth di Torino – Limited edition

After several years of tests and pressing requests from friends and fans, we have finally released on the global stage the rare Cocchi Dry Vermouth di Torino, in very limited quantities. Born from the collaboration between some of the world’s best bartenders and our team of oenologists and botanists, this unique product is the combination of traditional skills of Italian winemaking and contemporary mixology. Following a conversation in one of the world’s best bars, centered on flavors and fundamental characteristics of the ultimate Martini cocktail, the Cocchi team delved into the founder’s recipe book and embarked on a research journey, closely supported by Erik Lorincz, Max Schulte, Elon Soddu and Declan McGurk. The first Vermouth Dry produced by Cocchi in more than 40 years has then reached a “cult” status in the mixologists community. The Cocchi Dry Vermouth di Torino carries the “Vermouth di Torino” appellation, following the recently renovated and protected. Geographical Indication Vermouths from the region of Piemonte are heirs of a centenary tradition which began in Torino in the XVIII century Supported by the royal court of Savoia, this thriving industry made Piemonte the original kingdom of Vermouth.


Cocchi Dry Vermouth di Torino, through the use of Piedmontese Artemisia, rare bitter herbs and high quality white wine, embodies the essence of a classic Vermouth di Torino. The unique recipe is enriched with citrus fruits, bergamot infusion and Alpine herbs leading to a dryer and more floral taste profile, and an exceptional drinking experience.

How to drink it

Born with the aim of perfectly balance an elegant gin or a premium vodka in a Martini cocktail, Cocchi Dry Vermouth di Torino can also be enjoyed neat or over ice thanks to the quality of the 100. Italian wine base and the perfect balance of the recipe. The distinctive flavor of the new Cocchi Dry Vermouth di Torino gives an inimitable character to the legendary Martini, and it enhances classic cocktails such as Martinez, El Presidente, Bronx and many others.

Technical details

18% ABV
50 cl bottle, each one in a premium recyclable giftbox.
Ingredients: wine, sugar, alcohol, infusion of aromatic herbs and spices.
Close the bottle with its cork after opening.
Once opened keep cool and consume preferably within a month.