Barolo Chinato Tipo Esportazione 130 years

To celebrate the milestone of its 130th anniversary, Giulio Cocchi, founded in Asti in 1891, presented a limited edition of a special “Barolo Chinato tipo Esportazione”.
Barolo Chinato, produced continuously since the company’s early years, has accompanied the history and evolution of Giulio Cocchi.

Barolo Chinato Cocchi has embodied characteristics of elegance and taste that have allowed him to never go out of fashion: the labels of Barolo Chinato Cocchi, that have followed one another over the years, have held firm all the elements that characterized them from the beginning, from the prominence given to the “Massime Onorificenze” obtained from the wine to the accent on China (Cinchona), the protagonist among the spices of the aromatization, marking a very distinctive recognizability of this wine.


The nose opens with rich and woody notes of cinchona bark, dry tobacco leaves and spices, followed by dry roses from the Barolo wine and cocoa beans. On the palate a delicate sweetness leaves space for the deep complexity of the Barolo DOCG single cru at its hearth. Dark berries, violets and velvety tannins can be found together with cardamon, liquorice and bitter orange peels. Charred wood, cloves and eucalyptus are detected at the end, leaving a long aftertaste of dry botanicals and dark chocolate.



Served at room temperature as an elegant end to a meal or slightly chilled.
Perfect paired with dark chocolate.

Technical data

18% ABV

75cl cl bottle, each one in a premium wooden box


This single vineyard, single cask, single vintage Barolo Chinato wine is made from the Bava family’s estate in Castiglione Falletto, Cascina Scarrone from a 2016 Barolo vintage which is characterised by rich and full bodied wines. The recipe includes cinchona barks, rhubarb root, gentian flowers and laurel leaves, paired with cardamom, coriander and orange peel. Barolo DOCG 2016 brings richness and elegance to the aromatised wine.