Aquaforte – Brandy

Aquaforte is a very rare brandy, long aged in our century-old cellar. Only a small batch is sold every year, subject to availability of the one-off, original reserve of 5,200 bottles only.
AQUAFORTE is a rare collectible which increases its value year after year to the immodest satisfaction of its producer, that rediscovers it every time and appreciates it as a fine meditation spirit.


The oak barrels that have stored it since June 1971, i.e., for more than 40 years, have brought out a smooth character unveiling a complex flowery aroma with notes of hazelnut, leather, chestnut honey and tobacco. Non-aggressive, it shows a surprisingly long mouthfeel, thus unveiling the regal opulence of a great wine spirit.


Alcohol content: 42% Vol
Bottle content: 75 Cl