Torino Vermouth Pass “the key to the doors of the Kingdom of Vermouth”

As Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016 approaches, Turin become the international food and wine capital once again, with visitors and exhibitors from all over the world.
Turin is famous as the city of chocolate, but we also want Turin to be known as the city of Vermouth.

Vermouth di Torino, born from the meeting between the wines of Piedmont’s hills and the herbs of the Alpine valleys, is now a collective heritage of the Piedmontese thanks to the royal court of the House of Savoy, the first great promoters of a product which, starting from the end of the 18th century, generated a flourishing industry that made Piedmont the “Kingdom of Vermouth”.
We have created the TORINO VERMOUTH PASS, “the key to the doors of the Kingdom of Vermouth” to allow the privileged holders of the pass to create their own tasting and informative itinerary in steps that tell the story and the new style of Vermouth di Torino. The initiatives will be active during the Salone del Gusto 2016 (from the 22nd to the 26th of September).
Cocchi has been joined by important partners who have shared experimentations and projects with us in recent years. With this pass, you can access a series of dedicated events and taste the various forms of Vermouth: alone, as an ingredient in the kitchen, in the form of ice cream, praline and cocktails and, going back to its origins, discovering the aromatic herbs that characterise it.

The sensorial itinerary in the centre of Turin comprises a series of experiences accessible constantly during the Salone del Gusto, by simply presenting the pass:
Cocchi – Salone del Gusto Parco del Valentino, Stand D132 – The full range of Cocchi Vermouths compared in the Tasting Box.  Info and tasting point, sales, distribution of materials and collection of your personal TORINO VERMOUTH PASS.

  • Gelateria Pepino – Vermouth di Torino flavoured Pinguino: taste the new ice cream created by Cocchi and Pepino. Piazza Carignano 8.
  • Guido Gobino – Vermouth di Torino praline, featuring two of Turin’s excellences in a bitter-sweet combination, to be enjoyed with Cocchi Vermouth, served Gobino style. Via Lagrange 1.
  • Turin Palace Hotel – Vermouth at your table. Enjoy a dinner prepared by Chef Stefano Sforza at the Les Petites Madeleines restaurant, with a welcome Vermouth cocktail. Via Sacchi 8.
  • Bar Barolino Cocchi – Vermouth and cinchona. Sample the iconic Cocchi Barolo Chinato in this tiny bar in Juvarra style, in Turin’s Quadrilatero Romano district. Via Bonelli 16.
  • Lounge Alta Langa – take a break at the Corte d’Onore of Palazzo Reale with a glass of vintage Alta Langa, hosted by Giulio Bava, President of the Consortium for Alta Langa DOCG. Piazza Castello.


Other one-off events and meetings on the culture and history of Vermouth in Turin:

  • Saturday the 24th of September, 4.30 p.m., National Museum of the Risorgimento.
The Taste of the Risorgimento in Turin: Vermouth in Turin from the historical “Sweet Vermouth” to the renewed Dry in the Limited Edition for the London Savoy, and the Veneria Reale Reserve. A tasting not to be missed.
  • Sunday the 25th of September, 5.00 p.m., Palazzo Madama.
Palazzo Madama – Civic Museum of Ancient Art – Discovering the herbs of Vermouth in the unexpected Medieval Botanical Garden, in the heart of the city.

For the entire duration of the Salone del Gusto the Cocchi stand (Parco del Valentino – Lungo Po stand D 132) will act as an info point, with the distribution of maps and passes.