The Vermouth di Torino Week is back!

From Sunday 23 June to Sunday 30 June 2024, the second edition of Vermouth di Torino Week will be celebrated in Italy and around the world.


The event is dedicated to sharing knowledge of the famous Piedmontese aromatised wine, of the appellation, of its use in cocktails.

Vermouth di Torino Week is an initiative of the Consorzio del Vermouth di Torino.


Vermouth di Torino Week is also on social media: publish the cocktail made with Cocchi vermouth on Instagram using the hashtag #Cocchi_VDTweek and tagging @cocchi1891: we share it in the stories of the official channel @cocchi1891.

The best cocktails will also be published in the recipe section of our website.


These are the Vermouth di Torino Cocchi to be used to create cocktail lists dedicated to the initiative:

Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino

Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry




The Consorzio del Vermouth di Torino, creator of the Week, will manage a parallel world calendar of events.
The activities of the Consorzio will be shared shortly on the official website of the event: https://www.vermouthtorinoweek.it/


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