The brand new look of Cocchi’s Piemontese Method: a fresh restyling for fine historic spumante from the Asti-based winery

Here at Cocchi we don’t speak in terms of Charmat wine: to us, ours is Piedmontese Method spumante, made following the technique developed by Martinotti, which we apply with varietals of local origin or with a long, noble tradition in Piedmont.


In fact, it was in Asti, where the Cocchi wine cellars were located at the time, that back in 1895 Federico Martinotti, director of the Royal Oenological Center, elaborated his method for producing sparkling wine in pressurized steel tanks under controlled temperatures. Cocchi and the spumante we celebrate with this product line started out in the same decade, just a few blocks away.


The new graphic skin, inaugurated in September 2020, features pure and elegant forms, with striking Italian design exalting the Piedmontese identity (from the origin of the grapes to the spumante-making method) that runs through the entire range of sparkling wines produced by Cocchi.


The debut of Cocchi Brut Rosé – the latest expression of pure Pinot nero from Giulio Cocchi – inaugurated a new course for Cocchi’s Piedmontese Method range: rosé spumante, made from 100% Piedmontese grapes, like all of Cocchi’s bubblies, introduced the new image of Asti Docg, Cocchi Brut, Primosecolo and Brachetto d’Acqui.


The new packaging gracing Cocchi’s’ range of Martinotti sparkling wines (or better, Piedmontese Method wines) is a round label, like the outline of the Cocchi logo, with the stylized initial emphasizing the elegance, harmony, rich aroma and taste of the wines. Each of the five wines is distinguished by a different color or font: black for Cocchi Brut, powder pink for Cocchi Brut Rosé, cream for Primosecolo, magenta for Brachetto d’Acqui and beige for Asti Docg, which retains its unmistakable font, with the colors of the flags and banners of the ancient Palio of Asti.


Through this major restyling of its Martinotti Method range, Cocchi – already known among Italian spumante makers as early promoter and active interpreter of the Metodo Classico Alta Langa DOCG – valorizes and enriches the winery’s centenary tradition.







COCCHI’S ASTI embodies the time-honored style of the world’s best-known aromatic spumante. Today, Giulio Cocchi produces it in limited quantities, fermenting the finest, carefully selected Moscato grapes from the hills around Asti in steel vats. With a creamy and delicate taste and an exuberant aroma, it is the classic wine for special occasions, popular with everyone thanks to its natural essence and low alcohol content. All the colors of the banners of the historic Palio of Asti appear on the label of this bottle, produced by Giulio Cocchi for over a hundred years.



A refined, elegant and slightly fruity brut, with a scented aroma, in the true Cocchi style. Its foamy and persistent perlage develops into a lively foam, the result of a slow, cold fermentation process carried out in large tanks. Cocchi Brut, first produced with grapes from the 1979 harvest, is a versatile spumante that can be enjoyed as a full meal accompaniment: a modern spumante for today’s wine lovers.



A fine, elegant and delicately fruity rosé, aromatic and fragrantly scented: a wine for all seasons. Cocchi Brut Rosé is a rosé spumante made exclusively from black grapes: 100% Piedmontese Pinot nero. The grapes are hand-picked in the Langhe Astigiane, placed in small crates and immediately taken to our wine cellars to be pressed. Its delicate powder pink color is the result of a brief soaking of the whole bunches, followed by a slow pressing. Cocchi Brut Rosé is a versatile, contemporary spumante, equally enjoyable as an aperitif at sunset and to accompany an entire meal.



Primosecolo Piemonte DOC Chardonnay is the spumante that made its debut in 1991, on the occasion of the centennial celebrating the founding of the winery, dedicated to the spumante-making genius of its founder, Giulio Cocchi. The new graphic skin exalts the marvelous color of a 100% Chardonnay wine, shining through the transparent bottle.



The most characteristic of sweet red sparkling wines, it has been a constant throughout the history of Piedmontese wine, as well as in the Giulio Cocchi winery. Made from a rare native grape with a fresh, floral aroma, it is ideal as a dessert wine, but also shines as a refined poolside aperitif.



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