Tales of the Cocktail New Orleans 2017

Giulio Cocchi will be at Tales of The Cocktail in New Orleans.


July 21 12.30 pm  (Nouvelle East Ballroom Hotel Monteleone) – “Gentian! King of the bitter plants” Educational with Alain Royer, Kirk Estopinal, Eric Seed, Roberto Bava, Robert Jones.
Its roots and flowers form the bitter backbone of aperitif wines, liqueurs, amari, and dashing bitters the world over. What does it look like? What does it taste like in maceration? In distillation? How has it been used in traditional drinks in Italy and France? How to make the most of its aromatics and palate in mixed drinks? Learn all of this and more from a diverse panel that include French and Italian producers, and a duo of bartenders.



evento tales of the cocktail 2017 tsoiJuly 21 3.30 pm – The Spirit of Italy group is pleased to take you on “An Edible Tour of Classic Italian Spirits”. Join us for a two-hour tour of Italy while discovering local flavors, traditions, and cultures of the Italian lifestyle. Discover the local flavors, traditions, cultures and hospitality that make the Italian lifestyle so dynamic and beloved. You’ll be led by the award-winning mixologist Tad Carducci through histories and tastings of seven of the oldest and most revered spirits produced in Italy, to understand and appreciate the diversity and versatility of artisanal amari, craft liqueurs and exceptional vermouths at any time of day or night. From aperitivo to digestivo and everything in between, for all the best moments in life! In addition, all spirits will be served with specially matched small bites, to demonstrate their versatility in pairing with food. Come and raise a few glasses with us and celebrate what is sure to be one of the best moments of Tales of the Cocktails 2017.