Valentine’s Day 2024: Cocchi Valentine cocktail

Cocchi celebrates love with a cocktail designed by Advocacy Manager Sonia Elia on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2024.

A unique cocktail to celebrate lovers’ day: on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2024, the recipe for Cocchi Valentine, dedicated to romance and passion, has been unveiled.

The Cocchi Valentine offers delicate and refined flavours, and is designed to celebrate the essence of love in every sip. The star of the cocktail, together with the strawberry Cordial and the Cocchi Brut, a fine, elegant and slightly fruity Italian method, aromatic and fragrant to the nose, in true Cocchi style, is the Cocchi Rosa Aperitivo Americano,


This version of Americano takes its name from the colour of the aromatic wine in its base, known to bring wild rose characters. The wine is refined with natural extracts, flowers and spices including gentian, cinchona and citrus fruits as in the case of Americano Bianco, with an addition of ginger, vanilla and rose petals.

Cocchi Rosa, with its floral and fruity notes, blends harmoniously with other selected ingredients to create an unforgettable taste experience.

A perfect cocktail for sharing romantic moments during Valentine’s Day.



– 50 ml Cocchi Rosa Americano

– 15 ml Strawberry Cordial

– 60 ml Cocchi Brut

– Decoration: raspberries, for a romantic presentation.




Dust the well-cold glass with icing sugar, add the Cocchi Rosa to the Cordial and then the Cocchi Brut.
Stir gently and garnish with a raspberry.
Glass: Flute