Praline by Guido Gobino with Vermouth di Torino Cocchi

Praline by Guido Gobino combined with the unmistakable flavour of Vermouth di Torino Giulio Cocchi.

A classic exquisite praline by Guido Gobino combined with the unmistakable flavour of Vermouth di Torino Giulio Cocchi: this delicious wholly Piedmontese novelty can be tasted in preview at the Salon  du Chocolat which will be held in Milan from 13 th to 15 th February 2016, at the Sensory Bar and in Guido Gobino’s booth. 

THE PRALINE – Guido Gobino exclusively presents its dedicated ganache: a praline where Giulio Cocchi Vermouth di Torino fragrance has been conceived with its recognizable distinctive notes of clove, rhubarb and citrus. The ganache “alla chitarra” (handmade cutting technique) and beautifully hand decorated, is covered with a thin layer of Extra Bitter Chocolate Blend 63%, a blend of best qualities South American aromatic cocoa producing an intense, round and persistent flavor. In Gobino Praline with Vermouth di Torino Cocchi, a light touch of lemon peel on the surface recalls the combination of citrus and the perfect Vermouth garnish. 

The intention to create this special praline is the result of the friendship and collaboration born between the two companies in the course of the common experience within the Compagnia del Cioccolato and the team of Exclusive Brands Torino, network of historical Piedmontese companies aiming at the development and the promotion of a selection of high quality brands and products of the territory. 

VERMOUTH AND CHOCOLATE – Being an aromatized wine, Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino is not only perfect for a Negroni cocktail or a Manhattan but also for food and wine pairings with dried fruits, cheeses and desserts, in particular chocolate (for example Gianduia). 
While revamping the great Vermouth potential, for Christmas 2015 Cocchi  launched a lucky combination with panettone. 

For consistency or contrast, today chocolate represents a new frontier for this rediscovery: both Vermouth and chocolate are indeed highly “aromatizable” products and the underlying spices of Vermouth well match with chocolate of medium tonicity. Wine component also goes well with cocoa butter, leaving a pleasant sensation on the palate, clear and clean on the finish. 

GUIDO GOBINO – Synthesis of creative passion, chocolate art and  innovation, today Gobino is considered one of the most important chocolate artisans, at a national and international level. 
Based in Via Cagliari in Turin since 1946 – the Cioccolateria Artigiana  presents its products also in the single-brand shops of Turin and Milan and at the best specialty food shops around the world. 
 Guido Gobino chooses best ingredients and finest spices from all over the world for realizing its products: cocoa qualities are selected only among the finest and most aromatic; hazelnuts are exclusively IGP Piedmont, harvested on the hilly Langhe areas and roasted at the Fabbrica di Cioccolato in Turin. 

GIULIO COCCHI – In recent years the Piedmontese company Giulio Cocchi has been the engine of Vermouth di Torino renaissance, inaugurating with its own Storico Vermouth di Torino a new golden age for this product thus contributing to its success among the greatest barmen of the international scene. 
Cocchi is also known to the Italian public – other than for its Sparkling wines Metodo Classico long aged on the lees (pls. see Alta Langa DOCG)- for his iconic Barolo Chinato that, upon a proposal by the director Roberto Bava has become since the 90’s the preferred combination for quality dark chocolates.