Pas Dosé Alta Langa DOCG Cocchi 2014 listed among the world’s top 100 wines according to Wine Enthusiast

Metodo Classico Alta Langa DOCG Pas Dosé Cocchi millesimo 2014 features in “The Enthusiast 100 – The Best Wines of 2022” from Wine Enthusiast, among the most read and most authoritative wine magazines in the United States.  

Cocchi’s Pas Dosé 2014 is the only Alta Langa in the ranking, one of 19 sparkling wines from all over the world, of which 7 are Italian, while the list includes 16 Italian wines in total. Out of 21,000 blind-tasted wines, made in 17 different countries – from New Zealand to Canada, from Chile to South Africa – “The Enthusiast 100” places the wines found to be “most convincing and enjoyable” in the limelight. 


The point total obtained by the Pas Dosé this year was 95. But all the Cocchi Alta Langa wines scored over 90, evidence of the Asti-based spumante maker’s consistently high quality: 95 points were also assigned to the Alta Langa DOCG Rösa di Cocchi millesimo 2016; the Alta Langa DOCG Totocorde 2015 scored 92 points and the Alta Langa DOCG Bianc ‘d Bianc 91. 


Made from Pinot Nero grapes – writes journalist Kerin O’Keefe in her review – this vivacious spumante opens with delicate springtime notes of wildflowers and citrus fruit with a hint of brioche. Dry and concentrated, it is vibrant to the palate, with McIntosh Red apple, pomegranate, spices and orange peel notes enveloped by a persistent perlage. The sharp acidity gives it a lively, effervescent body.”  





Since 1891, Cocchi has produced 100% Piedmontese sparkling wines with the Metodo Classico. Today, these local bubblies – made from Pinot nero and Chardonnay grapes, grown in the high lands of Langa and harvested by hand – are proud to bear the appellation Alta Langa DOCG.  

A recent designation with a very long history behind it: it was the first Metodo Classico spumante produced in Italy.  

Alta Langa DOCG is exclusively vintage: our spumante is made with grapes from a single harvest, and the bottle always bears the harvest year on the label. It can be white or rosé, brut or pas dosé, and it requires very long aging: not less than 30 months, according to the rulebook. In the historic Cocchi wine cellars in Cocconato, near Asti, the Alta Langa production still maintains the rigor and the poetry of days gone by: the remuage, as the wine ages on the lees, is done strictly by hand, on wooden pupitres, and the disgorging is performed à la glace

Cocchi has always been the first in line, from the birth to the growth of the Alta Langa appellation.  

The efforts and experimentation conducted by Cocchi on the Alta Langa Metodo Classico have led to the creation of the first label of 100% Chardonnay (Bianc ‘d’ Bianc, since vintage 2000) and the first rosé (Rösa, 100% Pinot nero since vintage 2000) of the appellation. Totocorde is our signature label in the Alta Langa DOCG appellation, a classical cuvée of Pinot nero and Chardonnay grapes; its quality comes from flawless grapes, the expertise in the production of sparkling wine and the long fermentation, at least 48 months in our historic cellars. Pas Dosé is Cocchi’s brut nature, made since 2008 vintage from Pinot nero alone: after exceptional harvests, and then 60 months of aging, the first bottles of this cuvée are disgorged; it is always produced in limited editions (5000 bottles and 500 magnums for each vintage year).


The great gastronomic versatility of these sparkling wines makes for interesting pairings with every course, covering the entire menu.  

Pas Dosé is Cocchi’s brut nature, made from Pinot nero alone. After exceptional harvests, and then 60 months of aging, the first bottles of this cuvée are disgorged. It is always produced in limited editions (5000 bottles and 500 magnums for each vintage year). 






Cocchi produces, since 1891, wine-based aperitifs and hundred percent Piedmontese sparkling wines. 

The founder, Giulio Cocchi, left a legacy of irrepressible vivaciousness and a quest for quality that has made the winemaker known and appreciated on five continents. 

All of Cocchi’s products are wine-based, and the recipes used are the same as they have always been, concocted and written down by Giulio Cocchi himself. 

We can safely say that the Cocchi style is defined by elegance and authenticity: it rests on the quality of the wine and the ingredients, over a century of technical expertise and a passion and creativity that have never flagged over the years. 

Cocchi has been owned by the Bava family since 1978.