Cocchi’s Vermouth Panettone

Rare and sought-after by bartenders and consumers alike, our Vermouth Panettone is again available, in limited quantities!

Cocchi has been collaborating with local bakeries for many years, producing small batches of Panettone: a traditional, quintessentially Italian gift.

The Cocchi Panettone has been sold in our flagship store in Cocconato, Piemonte, since 2012, and gifted to very good friends worldwide.

The Cocchi Panettone features candied lemon and orange peels infused with our vermouth and dark chocolate drops.

The recipe has been carefully developed to perfectly pair with the sensorial profile of Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino and its flavours of cocoa and spices. Traditionally served with a glass of vermouth neat, chilled and with a lemon peel,
the Cocchi Vermouth Panettone can also be the perfect accompaniment to a classic after dinner cocktail such as the Manhattan or Negroni.
As a low-abv alternative, try it also with a glass of sweet sparkling wine, such as Asti Cocchi.


Prepared according to a unique Cocchi  recipe by the Piedmontese artisan baker Albertengo, our Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino is added directly into the dough, adding rich and complex flavors, natural sugar and turning the mixture to golden color. Vermouth-soaked candied citrus fruit.

The Cocchi Panettone has been created to be served alongside Cocchi Vermouth di Torino,

the recipe incorporating classic, moreish vermouth into the traditional ingredients.

Produced with natural ingredients: butter, Italian eggs from pastured poultry, raisin and candied fruit, nuts and sourdough. Preservative free.