Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry Piemontese: the new vermouth from Cocchi

Alla scoperta del nuovo Vermouth extra Dry Piemontese di Cocchi a The Bar in Front to the Bar ad Atene

New Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry Piemontese Cocchi as a world preview: masterclass at Athens Bar Show

1891-2021: 130 years of Giulio Cocchi

Barolo Chinato tipo Esportazione: Cocchi celebrates his 130° birthday with a limited edition bottle

Christams 2021: Panettone al Vermouth Storico Cocchi

Cocchi at Barometer Bar Show 2021

Shop and winetastings: new opening times at Enoteca di Cocconato for September 2021

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Cocchi miniatures

Colomba al Brachetto d’Acqui Cocchi

“Annual Brands Report 2021”: Cocchi among the Top Trending and Top Selling Vermouths

Christmas Holidays 2020

White Alba Truffles enter the cocktail mix: from London to Milan, the first official recipes

The brand new look of Cocchi’s Piemontese Method: a fresh restyling for fine historic spumante from the Asti-based winery

Visits and tastings: Autumn 2020

Wine Shop and Tastings: we are open in September!

Wine shop and tastings: we are open in August!

Cocchi’s Futurist Mixology cocktail competition goes global!

Futurist Mixology Video-Competition 2020

Futurist Mixology Video Seminar

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Cocchi and Slow Wine US Tour 2020

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December special openings