Cocchi miniatures

A format from the past for a contemporary use: as was the custom at the beginning of the twentieth century, Cocchi returns to offer its range of aromatized wines in “miniature” format.

Storico Vermouth di Torino, Vermouth Amaro Dopo Teatro, Barolo Chinato, Americano Bianco and Cocchi Rosa, traditionally presented in 750 ml bottles, are now also available in small 50 ml bottles, individually or assorted in the box that collects them all together.

Once, this format was ideal for tastings on intercontinental flights or for commercial sampling; in the 1960s it began to spread also in the hotel industry, protagonists in minibars.

Today Miniatures are perfect for creating cocktails, for tasting, for trying delicious combinations and for an original gift for mixing enthusiasts.

INFO: export@cocchi.com