Giulio Cocchi: Alta Langa taste at 360° at Vinitaly, 125 years of piedmontese Metodo Classico

Four declinations of top Piedmontese bubbles on show at HALL 10 booth Q3

A real total immersion in Alta Langa with a pleasant trip around the lovely hills on the eastern side of Tanaro river, among vineyards 250 meters above sea level: this is the promise by maison Giulio Cocchi – supporter since its foundation – 125 years ago, in 1891 – of the Piedmontese Metodo Classico project today Alta Langa docg.
Cocchi’s Alta Langa – Alta Langa are only vintage wines, made from grapes of a single harvest. A totally manual preparation with traditional remuage on wooden pupitres and dégorgement à la glace.
Cocchi’s style for Alta Langa Metodo Classico bubbles privileges Pinot expression with a long refining on the yeasts and a minimum dosage of sugar. Also Cocchi’s Chardonnay only “see” steel and glass and they express the character of the territory and the grape purity with a sparkling wine which is contemporary, net and seductive.
ALTA LANGA COCCHI AT VINITALY – The “top Piedmontese bubbles” declination presented by Cocchi at Vinitaly 2016 (Hall 10 Piemonte Booth Q3) will give the opportunity to taste four types of Alta Langa.
TotoCorde (vintage 2010) – Cocchi searches with TotoCorde the expression of the centenary Piedmontese tradition of metodo classico with the structure and the strength of the grapes harvested in Alta Langa. Toto Corde is undoubtedly the headmost label of Alta Langa Docg. The quality of this wine results from the exquisite grapes, the expertise in the sparkling wine production and a long fermentation for almost 48 months in our historic cellars.
Rösa (vintage 2012) – Produced only with Pinot Nero grapes, the wine maintains a delicious rosé colour although being a “male” sparkling wine. Its spicy style emphasized with time, ideally achieves in a great gastronomic brut. Cocchi has been the first producer to think and realize an AltaLanga rosé.
Bianc ‘d Bianc (millesimo 2010) – Chiamato in piemontese Bianc ‘d Bianc è una cuvée speciale che esalta la razza del territorio Bianc ‘d Bianc (vintage 2010) – Called in Piedmontese Bianc ‘d Bianc this special cuvée enhances the cru characteristics through the expression of the grape in purity. The cuvée is composed of grapes harvested in vineyards on white marly-calcareous soils which produce a sapid and long-lived wine. The biotype cultivated is of burgundy tradition. Cocchi is the unique company to produce an Alta Langa made of just white grapes.
Pas Dosè (vintage 2008) – Pas Dosé is the natural brut of Cocchi produced with pure Pinot Nero harvested in 2008. A particular vintage, with grapes characterized by unexpected acidity and thickness – auspice of the good result of its long aging. Six years later, the tasting of the first bottles confirmed this cuvee, just made of Pinot Nero, could give its best expression without dosage.
Cocchi Pas Dosé is a reserve Alta Langa of 5000 bottles and 500 Magnum.
April 2016
GIULIO COCCHI – Giulio Cocchi Spumanti – historical company founded in Asti in 1891, traditionally produces Alta Langa metodo classico and sparkling wines metodo italiano. Giulio Cocchi is also known for its Vermouth (Storico Vermouth di Torino, DopoTeatro Vermouth Amaro and Vermouth Riserva La Venaria Reale), for the American Aperitif (BIANCO & COCCHI ROSA) and for the iconic Barolo Chinato.

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