Futurist seminar at Tales of the Cocktail 2014

At Tales of the Cocktail, in New Orleans, on 2014 Saturday, July 19th, Eric Seed will lead the seminar promoted by Giulio Cocchi, Pallini, Tassoni and Strega

“Miscelazione futurista.Polibitite: la risposta autarchica italiana ai cocktail degli anni Trenta”

(CocchiBooks Editions) and Roberto Bava.

Venue: La Nouvelle Ballroom West, hotel Monteleone, 12,30 pm.

A radical disavowal of the past, reinvention and bold modernist creation, and dangerous (and often despicable) choices in politics: the Italian Futurist movement in art spilled over in many directions, including some pointed guidance in both food and cocktails. The mouvement served as a catalyst for indigenous and sometime unexpected cocktail creation, the Polibibite, with lasting impact to drinks we see still today.

Fulvio Piccinino Fulvio Piccinino was born in Turin in 1967. Working for a multinational brewing company is where he started working behind the bar and he developed a a love for the product category and the mixed drink. In this context it has made extensive studies on the kitchen and futurist polibibite that led him to be one of the experts. In the development of the profession has also achieved the status of AIS Sommelier and Bartender Aibes, and has devoted himself to teaching at hotel schools and vocational schools. Fulvio is the creator and editor of the drinking culture website www.saperebere.com and has published a book with the same title.

Eric Seed Eric Seed is principal and owner of Haus Alpenz, a Minneapolis-based importer and marketer of specialty spirits and wines. Serving the needs and interests of fine dining and bar professionals, Haus Alpenz imports and markets libations ranging from classic cocktail ingredients (Crème de Violette, Vermouth di Torino et Chambery, Old Tom Gin, etc…) to alpine and regional traditions and unusual wines. He and his team are noted for spearheading the revival of products and categories such as Quinquina and Americano. Mr. Seed started Haus Alpenz in 2005 and today leads a dedicated team on the import, sales and education efforts. His team works nationwide together with trade and serious enthusiasts in pursuit of serving the curious and adventurous palate. A graduate of Kenyon College and the University of Chicago, Mr. Seed had previously worked in business strategy and development, marketing and financial analysis. When not on the road, he is at home with his wife Ellen and two young daughters.

Roberto Bava Roberto Bava is principal of Giulio Cocchi winery, the centenary boutique house of premium Sparkling Wines and Aperitifs in Asti, deep in the Piemonte wine region. Together with his brothers and family he also run the Bava Winery, vine growers of classic and innovative wines in the Barolo and Asti areas. He has served as head of the Wines and Vermouth entrepreneurial association in Asti and as national president of the Italian Chocolate Society. His cultural search for identity and authenticity brought him to save from oblivion and to re-launch obsolete products like Barolo Chinato and in recent years to bring back the appellation “di Torino” on an authentic premium Vermouth . Together with bartender and researcher Fulvio Piccinino he is bringing to USA for the first time at TOTC the most comprehensive research on Futurism cocktail culture and he is the publisher, under the COCCHIBOOKS logo, of the only book on the subject, “La miscelazione futurista”.