Giulio Cocchi, a company who flourished in the Futurist period, as the Rooster on Aperitivo Americano attest, committed itself in the rediscovery of this historical period and this Italian style of mixology, in which the ingredients were used in unprecedented ways.

This research and interest led to the book ‘Futurist Mixology – Polibibite, the autarchic italian answer to the cocktails of the 1930s’ written by barman and expert Fulvio Piccinino, published for CocchiBooks.

It is the result of years of rigorous researches and meticulous inquiries among museums, collectors, second-hand markets, libraries and antique shops.

Firstly conceived for other barmen – so that they can feel the emotion of mixing a polibibita and serving it with the awareness of its complex and varied origins – but then, it will certainly arise the curiosity and the interest of people not on the ground, for its historical and iconographic apparatus and the care with which it succeeds in revealing unknown sides of the futurist movement.

Futurist Mixology collects stories, anecdotes, details of Marinetti & co.’s cuisine with particular attention to the mixed drink world. It illustrates, between philology and trend, 18 curious polibibite and it is enriched by a significant appendix with place for the tricks to create a futurist aeroaperitivo and a neo Manifesto of the futurist bartender.

Besides the boutique vermouth producer of Asti Giulio Cocchi – promoter and publisher of the initiative – also Campari, Cedrata Tassoni, Luxardo, Nardini, Pallini, Strega took part in the project.

futurismo_gruppoIt is an unprecedented synergy arising from the unanimous intention of these great liquorists sharing a link of products and history to the Futurist years, to enhance the development and the spreading of the authentic Italian mixology in a scenario where anglophone recipes are dominating.

The book is accompanied by seminars on Futurist Mixology held by Fulvio Piccinino.

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