Brand new Vermouth di Torino Cocchi flavoured Pinguino

The meeting of Cocchi and Pepino – two historic Piedmont firms – already connected as part of Exclusive Brands Torino team, led to the achievement of a new taste style with a Savoy temperament. Two of the city souls, Pepino ice-cream and Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, together in one single product.

The creation of a Vermouth flavoured Pinguino matured in the course of various steps; the first experiments meant to harmonize the classic tastes of Pepino production – in particular Pepino Cream – with the bouquet complexity of Storico Vermouth di Torino Cocchi.

The desire to intensify Vermouth aromatic quality led to opt for the clean and pure notes peculiar of the typical Turin liqueur wine, avoiding milk and cream that tended to stifle the perfumes range.

A simple and uniform recipe, based on water, brown sugar and lemon juice exalts the extracts – the very heart of Vermouth Cocchi – harmonizing the whole with balance and permitting a unique and original product, where Cocchi identity perfectly matches with Pepino ice-cream tradition.

The association with the traditional cocoa coat – synonym of Pinguino from the very beginning, fully recalls a typical Vermouth tasting in combination with chocolate, giving a delicious and enjoyable experience.



Giulio Cocchi – a historic company founded in Asti in 1891 – is renown for its special wines: the Vermouths (Storico Vermouth di Torino, Dopo Teatro Vermouth Amaro and Vermouth Riserva La Venaria Reale), the Aperitivo Americano (white and rosé) and the iconic Barolo Chinato. For all its products, Cocchi still uses today the original recipes elaborated by the founder.
Artisan production, rigour in the ingredients selection and a top quality philosophy made the founder, Giulio Cocchi, soon famous all over the world as proved by the export documents of the late ‘800: from New York to London, from Sidney to colonial Africa and Venezuela.
Cocchi is also been producing for 125 years sparkling wines metodo italiano e metodo classico, today with the denomination Alta Langa Docg.




Pepino produces top quality ice-creams since 1884 in Torino. In more than a century it asserted itself as ambassador of the great cold confectionary among the most important palates in Europe. In 1939 the company invented and patented the famous “Pinguino®” – first chocolate coated ice-cream on stick (patent nr. 58033), produced in six tastes.
Flagship of Pepino brand is the historic “Gelateria Pepino” of Piazza Carignano in the very heart of Turin, the square witnessing the birth of Italy. The “ice-cream shop” established itself also for its restaurants services, aperitifs, breakfasts and catering.
Leader of the company Edoardo Cavagnino who, with charisma and enthusiasm, gave the right push to renew the brand and relaunch it on the market.