Cocchi at home

Cocchi at home (#cocchiathome) is a Cocchi project based on video tutorial explaining in an easy way how to use Cocchi vermouths and aromatized wines (such as Vermouth di Torino,  DopoTeatro, Americano, Cocchi Rosa) in simple cocktails, easy to make at home, with few ingredients.

Videos are available in Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

The first sequence of  tutorials “Cocchi at home”, by Andrea Benvegna:

  • Americano Royale
  • Cocchi Rosa & Tonic
  • Negroni
  • Reverse Manhattan



More sequences will be perfomed by Andrea Benvegna and Vincenzo Pagliaro.


In the meantime, in April, Monica Carbonell Liquid Culture leaded “Cocchi Virtual Cocktail Class”, two cocktails every day.


  • Cocchi Rosa & Tonic – Fino Strawberry Rosa Julep
  • Americano Cocktail – Americano Thime Collins
  • Cocchi Rosa Spritz – Bubbly Rosa 75
  • Negroni Storico – Little Italy Martinez
  • Tropical Cocchi – Americano, Grapefruit and Prosecco Spritz


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