A temporary Cocchi Bar in London

Already the name reveals its vocation: Cocchi Bar. Representing in Asti – its native town – a certainty out of time, a place in the heart of the historic center where having an aperitif, a coffee, a breakfast or just meeting up, reading morning newspapers and commenting the news with friends and acquaintances, in the rest of Italy (and worldwide) various Cocchi bars have appeared also in the variants “Barolino Cocchi”, “Bar Barolino”.
The latest one in London, within the most popular neighborhood among young people and artists: Shoreditch.


Right here, in the East End, a temporary Cocchi Bar opened during the London Cocktail Week – destination for the lovers of one of the most classical and trendy cocktails: Negroni.
Non-stop seminars on cocktails and lifestyle recipes organized by Jared Brown and Roberto Bava; the rooster, symbol both of Asti and Cocchi Americano, standing out on the barmen jumpers; the Mole profile winking at Piedmont on the vintage manifests dedicated to Vermouth. Everything from coasters to table cloths talked about Cocchi and mentioned its Asti origin.



Since the beginning of last century Giulio Cocchi promoted the opening of exclusive Cocchi stores (“filiali”) where the customers could taste the well-known production of aromatized wines such as Barolo Chinato, Aperitivo Americano and the various vermouth and sparkling wines types. In the ’10 of the Nineteenth Century, there were already seven different Cocchi tasting branches in Piedmont which shortly became 12.

Most of these bars have now disappeared or have changed their name while others are still open with their original signs such as “Bar Barolino Cocchi”, “Bar Barolo Chinato Cocchi” or just “Bar Cocchi”.
Apart Cocchi Bar in Asti, in Turin at Via Bonelli 16, Bar Barolino Cocchi is open again. In Savona, between Via Paleocapa and Via Pia, Bar Barolo Chinato Cocchi is the historic bar of the town. In Corso Italia at Levanto you can still find Bar Barolino.